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Eggs for breakfast?

How do you like your breakfast eggs cooked?

There are so many ways... fried, scrambled, poached, baked ... but one of my favourites is lightly boiled eggs with Marmite soldiers! But to be able to have this you obviously need egg cups, which have been so difficult to come by, here in VnG.

This last week, however, Tiger on the Rambla had them in their main window. I quickly dashed in and bought a set of six. So now while you are staying at TuLStig DelMar you can have a boiled egg for breakfast too, and even eat it in the sunshine on the balcony, should you so desire.

As for the Marmite soldiers, you'll have to bring your own Marmite as that really is a rarity here, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg!

So tell me how do you like your breakfast eggs, or do you prefer something comletely different?

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