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Mind your language

We are currently working on the site to be able to bring it to the world in other languages than English.

Last week we received the full translation in German, thanks to the wonderful Edith Hiller. I am curently updating the site pages to be able to add this as soon as possible. (watch this space) Edith also did a bit of proofing as she was translating which has already resulted in typo corrections on the site

Another dear and brilliant friend, David Mallen-Bosch, is currently working on the Catalan trasnlation , having just sent us the Spanish one ready for formatting. David also found an anomoly which will be corrected as well.

The formatting and preparation of the pages takes a bit of time and a lot of trial and error, bit I'm getting my head round it.

We are intending to have the site in French too, but can't seem to find anyone interested in doing that for us, yet.... watch this space. Toute suite!

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