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Whoever goes on holiday without their mobile phone these days? Often a tablet or laptop is a regular holiday companion too. We hardly ever leave home without these trusty devices anymore.

At TulStig DelMar we have made sure that all your techno needs will be catered for.

So that you can stay in touch with those back home we have full fibre optic internet wifi througout the apartment. Or perhaps you'll want to do an internet search for a local restaurant.

We have installed an IPTV which mean s that you can watch your favourite programmes from back home, or catch up on a new international channel, or even take time out with a film with the 'boxed sets' features. Instructions on how to use the system will be given on arrival, with handy back up in the information file at the apartment.

The television is a fully smart television so you can access the internet and use any of the available apps on here too.

There is also a small music system so if you have a favourite CD make sure to bring it with you, or you can play any music files on a USB stick though this too. Or perhaps you'll want to listen to a local radio station and brush up on your Spanish/Catalan. Of course the television also has music channels.

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