We all have one or two friends who could easily have made the grade to adorn the eaves of old churches as gargoyles to scare the populous. 🤣😂😁 During my recent trips to Barcelona I have been doing much more looking up and a couple of days ago wondered at the gargoyles around the back of the Cathedral. The figures here are animals, from both reality and fantasy, and are well crafted, and obviously serve a purpose to deliver rainwater away from the walls of the Cathedral. Fortunately I've not been around to test their effectiveness yet. A mooing cow. An unbelievable unicorn. And a Barcelona hound - does anyone else see Scooby Doo?


Some days I just want to lie in bed, other days I'm changing beds at tdM, and others like today I'm up and out before the dawn. If you don't already know it, I have two dogs who like to be out before it's light too, so when I am in a more energetic mood they too are happy. This morning the sun was just appearing over the horizon as we made our way round the local fields. Many times I don't take my phone, for a few moments disconnection. Today I did, which was lucky as I managed to snap this arty pic. I am in no way a photographer, but was quite pleased with this... (And don't worry I won't be boring you with a regular load of sunrise photos 😉)

Bread and stuff

Vilanova has a wealth of excellent bakers selling a wide range of bread, pastries and cakes. From the regular chains like Ravich to the smaller independent bakers all your bread needs, and mine, are covered. On a recent trip into Barcelona I happened upon another bakery (forn de pa) I hadn't used before. It's in the Universitat zone and had some of the most amazing baked goodies in the windows, both sweet and savoury. I tried the "croissant de formatge" which was exceptional, and an experience to be repeated.

Ash Wednesday

And the end of Carnaval for another year, and what a week it's been, as always. This evening there will be a 'vigil at the Theatre principal, followed by a cortege around town, with much sobbing and wailing ending up in the Placa de la Vila where the Carnaval will bee bright to a close with a final 'Ball'. And so... the Carnaval is over ... Just in time for Lent.


So today is the day of Vidalot, which means more fancy dress groups, most importantly masked, wandering the streets of Vilanova, many with brooms, and matress beaters . This is the last big night of Carnaval and everyone wants to make the most of it with dances and dinners to celebrate.

Tuesday Coros

Today in Vilanova, Carnaval still continues unabated, although this evening is slightly less frenetic. At five o'clock this afternoon there is a dance in the square, followed by groups of singers (choirs), wandering the streets singing. In the Theatre principal later many of the choirs will be performing, an masse.

Comparses Sunday

Today is one of the big days in the Vilanova Carnaval calendar, and this year has been no exception. Sunday is comparses, a street skipping, sweetie throwing extravaganza. This year there were more than with Eight thousand pairs of dancers in the streets of Vilanova throwing tonnes of sweets, making the floor sticky and mucky, but bringing well over that many more smiles to the town. And if you haven't seen this event you ain't seen Carnaval, and you ain't lived. 🤷‍♂️😉

Street craft 

Carnaval is now well under way. Carnestoltes arrived yesterday and will be find the rounds today. The streets have been decorated for some time now. Many of theM are created by local schools, who put a lot if work into their creations, more often than not using recycled materials. Here are just a few of the streets I've passed by today... And don't forget tomorrow is Comparses Recycled plastic on El Cim school


Tonight is the main parade of the Carnaval in Vilanova - Arrivo, which celebrates the arrival of the king of the Carnaval - Carnestoltes. The parade is led by the Diablos of Vilanova with the Dracs, and fireworks galore. They are followed by a great many floats and dancing groups all put forward by the neighbourhoods and associations around the town. Vilanova Carnaval has a long history of critiquing local and national events and figures. Unlike the Sitges Carnaval which is a Rio style fluff and feathers affair the Vilanova parade is much more down to earth, and by the people, for the people - anyone is welcome to join in, and many who are not part of the main parade will be strolling the

Safety First.

Here at TdM we are very safety conscious and did everything were can to make due our guests have a safe stay. There are smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on the premises, as well as fire extinguishers and instructions on what to do in case of an emergency. Each year we also have a full revision of the gas installation and associated "equipment", usually most before the main season begins. The technician from Naturgy (Natural Gas) came just the other day to check everything was ok, and happily gave everything a clean bill of health, which is good as it's all pretty new. Everything is carried out with the most up to date testing equipment, and all explained by the technico, making the whole

Let's get this party started...

Carnaval is the big week-long party to kick off lent, and starts tomorrow with the Meringada, a sticky, mucky, fun party for youngsters, and the young at heart - so yes, I do go along, but more to watch than participate. In previous years when I was teaching said youngsters I tended to be more circumspect, hiding so that I didn't get pelted with uncooked meringue - getting profe would have scored the kids a whole load of cool points. Nowadays i don't need to hide. 😊😊 The 'event' is a traditional one, like all the Carnaval events. Originally a baker put an enormous meringue outside his shop for the kids to take handfuls with which to smear each other. Now the event takes place in the

On the way

Spring is well on the way here now, first signalled by the blossoming of the almond trees worth their big blousy show. Now It's the turn of the plum trees along the Rambla del Països catalans. Whether a tree full of blossom or just the one bloom nature sure is beautiful.

Friday the 14th

Cupid, the god of love, was blind, and was said to have not known what he wanted. Do you know what you want in love? Here, at TdM, we hope you have all the love you need and want on this day of lovers. St Valentine's.


International Day of legumes. Seems there's an international day for everything these days and today even for legumes. How often do you cook with them? Do you like them? Do you have any recipes you'd like to share with us on this day of days. 😊😊 I like yellow lentils, and love you make a dahl with them, and what's better than a chick pea curry?!

Food, glorious food.

Vilanova has a wealth of excellent restaurants, cafes and bars catering for all tastes and to suit all pockets. Being vegetarian I have little experience of some of them but when there are vegetarian or vegan options are on the menu I am more than happy to give them a go, and recommend some of my favourites to our guests. Over the past year or so vegetarianism and veganism has grown throughout Spain and the options are growing. Just this weekend I stopped in one of my favourite haunts on the Plaça de Vila, the Carpeta Moderna, to find that they have updated their menu. Alongside all the usual choices of burgers, buttifaras, etc, etc, on the menu now there is a full page of vegetarian and

Alles Gut

For some reason this post ended up as a draft back in the summer, then disappeared, now it's reappeared after the update so I thought id upload it now anyway. It seems all I'm posting at the moment is good reviews and nothing wrong with that I guess. Yesterday a lovely German family left to drive home leaving a great message in our guest book. As my German is a little rusty as I haven't really used it much since leaving school over 40 years ago. (😱😱😱) I asked the wonderful Edith to do me a proper translation. I did use a bit of my rusty German (add own joke in here) with the family as their Spanish wasn't great and they didn't soak much English either. But between us all and three lan

Updated Blog

For anyone following the TulStig DelMar Blog you may notice a few changes from this January. Wix, who host our site, have updated the blog feature changing the appearance and accessibility of the posts. But if you're reading this you're already on the blog page hopefully you will have have noticed. From January 2020 blog posts can and will be under categories for ease of searching as well. You will also be able to comment more easily, which would be great for us to hear what you have to say about our posts. And finally we are going to endeavour to post at least once a week, with news, views, gossip and updates.

Time to get your Greens

Today in the market square there is a very special festival celebrating a local product - Espigall, found in very few places outside this area of Catalunya. If you haven't tried it you really should. It's a seasonal green and is only available for a short period around this time of year and is delicious. Here are the details of today's event

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