New chairs...

Just last week we noticed that one of the dining room chairs had been broken (I'm guessing someone rocked back on it and broke the back support) so we put it out by the rubbish skips for collection.  Moments later a guy in the next block was seen dragging it into his building.  Although it looked ok at first glance on further inspection it is clearly not safe to sit on. I hope he realised before he ended up on the floor.  That's the way recycling works round these parts.  😊 After inspecting the other chairs we could see that at least one of the others was damaged too, so I decided to replace them all.  A quick trip to Ikea later,  thanks to my super friend Xan (I'm still not able to drive w


The guests this year have definitely tested my ability to rise to challenges. One of the first guests this year arrived telling me that she had had her passport and I-phone stolen at El Prat de Llobregat, where you have to change when getting the train from the airport to Vilanova.  Guests coming by train always get a warning about the presence of theives who prey on tourists at this station. The first thing we had to do was report the theft with the Mossos d'Esquadre - one of the local police forces.  They were very helpful and gave us a crime report form for the later insurance claim. To be able to travel home said guest had to visit the British consulate in Barcelona to get emergency trav

Around the world...

This summer guests at TdM have come from several different countries and continents. So far we have had guests from Australia Catalunya England Germany Ireland Netherlands Sweden USA I really enjoy meeting new guests,  and welcoming back return ones,  at TdM. They've been such a varied bunch this year, and I've had chance to practice speaking in tongues - although it's just been a word or two in some cases. "Wie Gehts? Herzlich willkommen," "Välkommen. Trevligt att träffas," "Welkom, dank-u-veel" "G'day, mates" All with my particular English accent. Luckily all the guests have spoken either English or Spanish otherwise communication could have been very limited.  Also luckily, most of them a


Last week we had our first doggie visitor to TdM. Chirley and her husband were visiting from the Netherlands.  Their son and daughter live in Barcelona and joined them for a few days,  and because her daughter has a dog they asked if they might bring her too. As most of you know already I am a complete animal lover and of course agreed. So Joy came down for a few days on the coast from Barcelona.  And she must have been a very good girl as there was no fur or mess to be found.

August arrives

The hottest month of the year is here. I can hardly believe that over half the year has gone already. And of course with August come three higher temperatures. This is what it looked like here for the next couple of weeks. I'm guessing our guests will be spending a lot of time on one of the beaches here.

Google Maps - TulStig DelMar

TulStig DelMar is located in Vilanova-i-la-Geltru, on the beautiful catalan coast. 




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