Catalan too

For Catalan translation see below, (també en català a continuació) Over the last few days I have added a new set of pages to the website- this time in Catalan. Although I speak and can write it, I wasn't confident enough to translate it all myself. I set some past students the task, and a little while ago Laura sent me the whole kit and kaboodle (translate that to Catalan if you can!!) in Catalan. I've been studying Catalan for the last few years and enjoy being able to chat with the locals in their language of which they are very proud. As well as classes provided by the Generalitat I also use the phone app - Duolingo, so practise for at least ten minutes every day. If you can't manage C

Vilanova Bull

If you take a walk along Vilanova beach / seafront, one of the things you won't be able to miss is the statue on the sea's edge of a bull. The Bull is actually called Pasifae and is is made of three tons of copper. The statue is set facing the shores of the Mediterranean sea. In Pasifae the town is said to recognise the union of all the people and civilizations around the Mediterranean. The Legend of pasifae/pasiphae is of Greek Mythology. The legend says that Pasiphae, a beautiful princess from Colchis, daughter of Helios, God of the Sun and of Perseus, was offered to Minos, son of Zeus God of the Heavens and Earth, and Europe. When the king of Crete died, Minos was proclaimed king and to

Book Launch at TdM

Last weekend was the launch weekend for #BerwickStreettoBarcelona, my latest book. We started with a book signing and the obligatory glass of cava at TulStig DelMar, which the guests staying for the weekend's events were happy to share with an assembled compnay of friends. The signing was followed up with a special launch lunch in one of Tony and my favourite restaurants on the seafront here in Vilanova. Pika Tapa. Along with some dear friends we celebrated the publication of my latest scribblings, and my most personal one so far, and probably ever. I, and some of those attending the lunch, read passages from the book eliciting laughter, surprised faces and tears. Thanks to NIck, Anna, Ca

What's on ...

Although we're already halfway through the month, and at the end of the summer season, there is still plenty going on in Vilanova ... 23 september, Children’s cycle race Isaac Gálvez 24 September, Mercat de Modelisme i Maquetisme AFEVI 29 September - 1 October, Nations Cup September, Bordegassos de Vilanova Human Castles September, Horse Festival

Forecast for VnG

It looks like the good weather is set to continue for the next couple of weeks. So if you fancy a few days in the warmth, and sun message us now and let's agree a deal just for you....

Another Publication

If you haven't already heard through our 'sister pages' or via Facebook today I am pleased to let you all know that my latest book has been published. This time it is something a bit different. Following the death of my husband in February 2016 I started to write a blog over at sharing some of my memories from our 34 years together. Adding other memories to these, from diaries and my head I have brought together a book about our life together. To buy a copy hit the 'chat' button and send us a message, or message me on facebook. All profits will be going to charity. All my other books are available on

Feliç Diada

Feliç Diada! Today is the 'national' day of Catalunya. The National Day of Catalunya is a day-long festival here, and a punlic holiday, and one of the official national symbols. It commemorates the fall of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession, and the first Independance. The holiday was first celebrated on 11 September 1886 but suppressed by the Franco dictatorship in 1939. It was reinstated in 1980 by the Generalitat (local government) Traditionally floral offerings and laid at monumentsand here in Barcelona that means the Monument to Frances Macia at the botom of the Rambla, just round the corner from TdM. This year, following the outrages in Barcelona and Cambrills, and wit

VnG still partying

Summer may be drawing to a close but this wonderful town i live in won't stop partying.  This weekend there's a bit of a do on and during the week there will be some concerts at the Castle in Later Geltru. IMHO...Vilanova is always the place to be.

Google Maps - TulStig DelMar

TulStig DelMar is located in Vilanova-i-la-Geltru, on the beautiful catalan coast. 




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