The 22nd of December is the day that the Spanish Christmas Lottery numbers are slected. It has been organised since 1812, and is a very popular thing. The largest of the draws is 'El Gordo' and is worth 4 million euros for the first prize, 250,000 for second ..... Pupils of the San Ildefonso school draw the numbers live on television and radio (and corresponding prizes), delivering the results in song to the public. It is quite a spectacle. As the drawing goes on, a single ball is extracted from each of the revolving spheres at the same time. One child sings the winning number, the other child sings the corresponding prize. This is repeated until all the prize-balls are connected to a number

Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year / longest night. From today onwards the daylight hours will increase, basically we are on our way back to summer ( hurray). The 21st December is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and falls in the midle of the periods also known as Yule or Saturnalia. While this is not a National Holiday in Spain some areas celebrate the day, particularity in Granada where they have 'Hoguers' - bonfires which people leap across to protect themselves from illness and bad luck for the coming year. Occasionally there are bonfires on the beach in Vilanova. In some coastal towns people excavate a circle in the sand on the beach and hold a Winter Solstice celebra


Our last guests in November were full of praise for the apartment and Vilanova, and left us a nice message in the guestbook. They did explain that they had only written a few words as everyone else already seemed to have covered everything in their previous comments. Thanks, Marion and Rosie. It was a pleasure to host you. I'm pleased you had a good time, although I can't claim to have controlled the weather. (If only!) And yes i know this already a month old, but during November I was so busy writing for Nanowrimo again that I had time for little else.


Last year I wrote about proposed works at TdM, These have now begun, and for all intents and purposes TdM will be closed over the next few months while the work goes on. The Block is getting a face-lift. The facades are being repaired, the railings replaced with ones that conform to EU standards, and the balconies and being repaired and retiled. The work began a little while ago and is expected to last at least 5 months, so until March, more or less. However if you had set your heart on coming out for Carnaval and staying at TdM and are willing to put up with a little bit of inconvenience (dust and no access to balconies) let us know and we can see what we can do for a very special TdM rate

Immaculate Conception

Today is this week's second national holiday. Today is the day of the immaculate conception, and is 'celebrated' by many around the world. Not being very religious myself I had a quick check to see what it really celebrates and it seems it is to celebrate the conception of Mary, mother of Jesus, and is 9 months before her saints day. There is plenty of info on Wikipedia, should you be interested , which says that it was originally the day of the conception of Saint Ann, and this is where it all gets a bit beyond me.... Being a religious day the churches celebrate special masses, and in catholic countries where the day is not a national holiday it is designated a day of special devotion. He

Día de la Constitución

Today is Constitution day in Spain, which happily means a national holiday. This day marks the day in 1978 when a new constitution for Spain was approved. It marks the transition from Franco's dictatorship to democracy (democratic monarchy) in Spain. Here in Catalunya it means very little more than a day off work. In some places there are regular celebrations, while others take this as a day on which to demonstrate against the state. The day does mark the start of the December festivities, being the first of national holidays this week, in the lead up to Christmas. Although it is officially a national holiday many shopping centres and supermarkets etc will be open to cash in on the pre-Chr

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TulStig DelMar is located in Vilanova-i-la-Geltru, on the beautiful catalan coast. 




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