Wine (got your attention now?)

I guess everyone knows that Cava comes from Catalunya but how many know about the other excellent wines that come from this region of Spain/Catalunya? The local area is known as the Penedés region, and the wine is of the same name. Vilanova is in baix Penedés (lower) and just behind the town is the region of alt Penedés. Vilafranca, the nearest largest town inland from Vilanova is one of the most important centres for Penedés wines. There are varieties of red, white and rose wines, ranging from young light wines to the aged stronger wines and even sweet wines. If you fancy tasting some before buying you should book a trip to coincide with one of the wine festivals in Vilanova when stalls

A load of Bull

If you take a walk along Vilanova beach / seafront, one of the things you won't be able to miss is the statue on the sea's edge of a bull. The Bull is actually called Pasifae and is is made of three tons of copper. The statue is set facing the shores of the Mediterranean sea. In Pasifae the town is said to recognise the union of all the people and civilizations around the Mediterranean. The Legend of pasifae/pasiphae is of Greek Mythology. The legend says that Pasiphae, a beautiful princess from Colchis, daughter of Helios, God of the Sun and of Perseus, was offered to Minos, son of Zeus God of the Heavens and Earth, and Europe. When the king of Crete died, Minos was proclaimed king and to

La Diada

Avui es la Diada- Dia nacional de Catalunya. Today is the Diada - The Natrional Catalunya Day. The day commemorates the fall of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714 and the subsequent lost of Catalan liberties, institutions and laws. It was first celebrated in 1886, but then under Franco's regime was forbidden, being reinstated in 1980 by the autonomous Catalan Government. Today there are celebrations all over Catalunya, and of course that means here in Vilanova too. Flowers will be laid at the monument to Francesc Masia at the bottom of the Rambla. Thee will be displays of traditional dancing and of course the bordogassos will be doing their thing.

Market- day

Vilanova has a great Municipal market, open all week with stalls selling a whole range of produce. From fresh veggies and fruits to meat fresh from the farms. For vegetarians there is even a frozen food stall that sells veggie burgers, veggie frankfurters and veggie meatballs amongst other things. On Saturdays the market is much extended and takes over the whole area around the market building, in the streets and market square. more recently there have even been stalls on the Rambla selling local 'artisan' products. The Saturday market sells more than just fruit and veg with clothes, shoes and accessories thrown into the mix. I would warn that some of the stuff on sales is a bit of a 'jumble

Patatas Bravas

During your stay at TulStig DelMar you have to try one of the most popular Spanish dishes - Patatas Bravas. They can be ordered as a snack any time of the day, or to accompany other dishes in a tapas table, or as part of a main meal. They always vary from establishment to another, some are excellent, others not so. For the best places for Patatas Bravas just ask. And if you want to make them when you get home here's one of the easier recipes: Ingredients: 3 tbsp olive oil 1 small onion , chopped 2 garlic clove, chopped 227g can chopped tomato 1 tbsp tomato purée 2 tsp sweet paprika (pimenton) good pinch chilli powder or hot pimenton (we always have some in and can let you have some) - y

Freixenet / Cordoniu

Perhaps one of the most famous products of the local area is CAVA. During your stay we can help you arrange a trip to one of the two most famous Cava House /Cellars. About 35 minutes away by car is the town of San Sadrurni where you will find two of the most famous Cava names - Freixenet and Cordoniu . Both of them have daily tours throughout the year. as part of the tour you are informed about the making of Cava, the history of the company and so much more, and all tours include a glass of Cava at the end. Naturally there is also chance to buy products to take away with you, and these are often as cheap as anywhere else you may find them. And don't be duped: it is the same as champagne - B

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