BCN Places not to be missed (II)

This is our second suggestion for places not always on the Tourist guides of places that should not been missed if paying a visit to Barcelona while staying at TdM. Kasparo Bar and Restaurant. This is a little place I found some years back wandering the little streets beside the Rambla. Kasparo is tucked away in a corner on a leafy Square just minutes from The Rambla and just up the road from The Boqueria. It has an eclectic menu with something to suit everyone's taste, even a fussy vegetarian like me. It is an informal and friendly place to grab a coffee, a quick bite or something more filling. The waiters/resses tend to speak English but if they don't they'll soon grab someone to help yo

Recently arrived

Here at TdM we want you to have the best of holidays and will do our utmost to ensure you have everything you need. We already supply towels and beach towels for each person booked into the apartment, and from now on we are pleased to be adding a range of three toiletries to the 'Towel/bathroom' pack. Each guest checking into TdM will now receive an individual shower gel, shampoo and moisturiser. And aren't we clever we even matched them to the colours of our towels! Well we must live up to our 'Superior' Holiday Rental image. If you've anything that you think may improve your, or other guests stays at TdM please let us know with a comment below, or send a message on Facebook.

Good Cooking & Eating

I was recently asked about how the famous Spanish Potato Omelette is mad. so here you go a recipe for you to try either while here in TdM (Our kitchen has everything you could need for this , and we can even get you the ingredients in advance should you so wish) Of course there are many ways to make the Tortille de Patatas (Truita in Catalan) but here's one of my favourite and simple recipes: Tortilla /Truita de Patatas 500g potatos (more or less enough to fill a frying pan) 1 onion 100-150g olive oil 6 Eggs Salt and Pepper Scrape the potatoes or leave the skins on, if you prefer. Cut them into thick slices. Chop the onion. Gently 'boil' the potatoes until they are softened. Put the oil in

BCN Places not to be missed (1)

There are many places in Barcelona that are well worth visiting, and many of the obvious ones feature on all the tourist guide sites and in the guide books. I just want to share a few of my favourite places to visit with guests from outside España. The Boqueria Market Around halfway down the Ramblas is the large 'produce' market La Boqueria. If for nothing else the place is worth a visit for the building itself. However inside there is a wealth of goodies to purchase, and at good local prices. There are plenty of fruit and veg stalls whose wares are a feast for the eyes and the tummy. More recently many of the stalls have started to make juices for sale from their exotic fruits- great value

Sant Joan

St Joan / San Juan 23/24 June For the past few days there has already been a significant build up to San Juan (also the Summer Solstice) here in VnG. Firecrackers being the most noticeable thing, being set off at all hours of the day all over the town, and also the bonfires which are springing up in the various barrios. Both bonfires and fireworks play a huge part in this festival with many of the barrios staging their own parties and an all-nighter that goes on on the beach. Of course drink is involved to a degree, but although thee may be plenty of noise and rowdiness there is unlikely to be any trouble. To allow everyone to recover from the night of revelry the 24th is a public holiday,


One of the questions I often get asked is what is the monument at the bottom of the for, or who is the head depicted in it? Well the basic answer is it is a monument to Francesc Macia, and in many towns all over Catalunya you will find streets and squares dedicated to him. So who was he, why is he important to Catalunya? As I understand it from Internet searches here's his story (I am sure my Catalan friends will put me right if I have erred at all) In 1922 he founded the Independent Catalan Party 'Estat Catala' and in 1926 attempted an insurrection against the Spanish dictatorshipof that time to obtain Catalan Independence. He was arrested and spent some time in Jail, before being exiled t

Pastries, Pies yummyness

Over the past few years Vilanova has seen a huge rise in the number of cafes and bakery-style shops offering an increased range of bakes for sale, either to take away and scoff in the privacy of your home, or TulStig DelMar, or to eat on the premises. Whatever your taste in pastries there is sure to be something for you in at least one of the cafe-bakeries. There are many along the length of the Rambla, and by the main squares in town. The nearest one of the apartment is on the corner near the Eglesia del mar (Church of the sea) which I can highly recommend for its cakes, coffees, bread and friendly service. One of the most recent additions is nearer the town square, and is part of the Enri

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TulStig DelMar is located in Vilanova-i-la-Geltru, on the beautiful catalan coast. 




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