This week at TulStig DelMar we have had the gas overhauled - a full 'revision' as they say here. This happens twice a year, and maintains our peace of mind about your peace of mind when staying. All the appliances are checked from the boiler (Caldera) to the cooker, and each of the radiators. It is an excellent service. Naturally everything was, and is in excellent (and of course safe) working order. We wouldn't have it any other way. and in case of emergency, or should we need something fixed urgently there is a 3 hour call out service 365 (366) days of the year.

Nearly time

In just one week the amazing Carnaval de Vilanovawill be setting the town alive with a week of partying. This past weekend the carnaval poster was published and has started appearing all over town. If you've never experienced Vilanova during Carnaval we strongly suggest you come on over and enjoy the fun.... we fully intend to.....

Eggs for breakfast?

How do you like your breakfast eggs cooked? There are so many ways... fried, scrambled, poached, baked ... but one of my favourites is lightly boiled eggs with Marmite soldiers! But to be able to have this you obviously need egg cups, which have been so difficult to come by, here in VnG. This last week, however, Tiger on the Rambla had them in their main window. I quickly dashed in and bought a set of six. So now while you are staying at TuLStig DelMar you can have a boiled egg for breakfast too, and even eat it in the sunshine on the balcony, should you so desire. As for the Marmite soldiers, you'll have to bring your own Marmite as that really is a rarity here, unless you want to pay an

Mind your language

We are currently working on the site to be able to bring it to the world in other languages than English. Last week we received the full translation in German, thanks to the wonderful Edith Hiller. I am curently updating the site pages to be able to add this as soon as possible. (watch this space) Edith also did a bit of proofing as she was translating which has already resulted in typo corrections on the site Another dear and brilliant friend, David Mallen-Bosch, is currently working on the Catalan trasnlation , having just sent us the Spanish one ready for formatting. David also found an anomoly which will be corrected as well. The formatting and preparation of the pages takes a bit of

St Antony's Day in VnG

Yesterday in Vilanova it was the town's saint's day, and therefore a local fiesta - Tres Tombs. St Antony was an animal lover - yesterday the streets were full of pets (as was the church) and horses and carts. The weather was beautiful: sunny albeit a bit chilly. A perfect day for being out and about For anyone with the same name it was also a day for them to celebrate. Ah Vilanova this is just one of the reasons we love you.

Friday Market

Directly outside the apartment, and along the main Rambla, every Friday there is a small local market. almost anything you could need can be bought at one of the stalls. There are stalls selling everything from fruit and veggies to specialised items for the kitchen, fresh bread and cakes and clothing stalls, and even a churreria. Churros are doughnut batter fingers that are popular as a breakfast item with a cup of chooclate.

Techno techno

Whoever goes on holiday without their mobile phone these days? Often a tablet or laptop is a regular holiday companion too. We hardly ever leave home without these trusty devices anymore. At TulStig DelMar we have made sure that all your techno needs will be catered for. So that you can stay in touch with those back home we have full fibre optic internet wifi througout the apartment. Or perhaps you'll want to do an internet search for a local restaurant. We have installed an IPTV which mean s that you can watch your favourite programmes from back home, or catch up on a new international channel, or even take time out with a film with the 'boxed sets' features. Instructions on how to use the

Weather for the week

Just in case you're interested here's the proviso for this the coming weeks weather ... NO complaints here .... Thanks to for the facts and figures.

Three Kings

Things are warming up here (even if not literally) in VnG for the arrival of the Three Kings (Magi). Unlike back in the UK this time of year is still holiday season and the shops are still packed with shoppers buying gifts to give on the 6th. Here there will be a big parade around town later this evening (5th) when all the children (and many adults) hand over notes to the kings with their presnt wish list. The parade ends in the town square where the kings (Reis) make a speech or two along with the Mayor. For more information the Ajuntament has produced a PDF with all the details HERE (Sorry only in Catalan) #fiesta #Reis #Festa #FiestaVnG #January

Tres Tombs

On the 17th January Vilanova i la Geltru celebrates its co-patron saint's day- The day of Saint Anthony Abbat with the Tres Tombs celebration. St Anthony was said to have been an animal lover and on this day animals are welcomed into the church for blessings and the town is given over to a parade of horses. Horses and carts and carriages of every type follow a triple circuit around the town, from the hard working cart horses pulling farm loads to the finery of dressage and everything in between, of course including the local Mulassa. Tres Tombs is the main winter festival and a spectacle not to be missed. #FiestaVnG

Happy New Year - Happy New Blog

As we enter 2016 I thought it might be fun to keep you all updated with the goings on in an around TulStig DelMar in Vilanova and beyond. So here we are.... My intention is to update weekly (at least) to keep you abreast of our news. Follow our blog here, and reminders on our facebook page as we progress through what looks like an exciting year ....

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TulStig DelMar is located in Vilanova-i-la-Geltru, on the beautiful catalan coast. 




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